About Dr. Howard

Dr. Howard

A strange light in the sky, a mysterious being calling out in the deep woods, a haunted computer, the true nature of the Earth...whatever the mystery, Dr. Howard will be there.

Dr. Howard is many things -- public access TV host, visionary veterinarian, alien abductee, Bigfoot linguist, author, adventurer, amateur watercolor painter, the list goes on.

Some people are surprised to learn Dr. Howard's history as a veterinarian. Who could be better equipped to understand extraterrestrial life than a veterinarian? Vets must learn to communicate with animals who can’t speak up and tell you what’s wrong with them, you have to learn to work around these very different ways of experiencing the world. Dr. Howard brings the same empathy he has with animals to his study and attempts to communicate with extraterrestrials, Sasquatch, or other nonhuman beings.

How did this all happen? Well, one day while attending a veterinary conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Dr. Howard noticed that one of the smaller meeting rooms at the conference hotel had been rented out by a UFO conference. Not sure that he could stay awake through another lecture on methods for morphometric cytology, Dr. Howard decided to check out the UFO conference, just for fun and maybe a couple laughs. But what started out as fun transformed into a life-changing weekend.

Dr. Howard never made it back to the veterinary medicine conference.

After finding his calling as a paranormal researcher Dr. Howard has travelled the globe to remote locations of paranormal interest, interviewed extraordinary people, and sought after the truth -- all for you, the loyal viewers of Alien Hour. We hope that Alien Hour can bring light to the truth and usher in a new era of understanding between humanity and all beings in every dimension.

Thank you for joining Dr. Howard on this adventure.