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S2 E10: Bigfoot Lives in My House

S2 E9: UFO Sighting in Santa Fe New Mexico

S2 E8: Ghost Investigation of the Harwood School

S2 E7: Ghost Hunting Equipment - Dr. Howard's Ghost Box Part II

S2 E6: Ghost Hunting Equipment - Dr. Howard's Ghost Box Part I

S2 E5: What is a Cat? The Sacred Geometry of Cats

S2 E4: The History of Alien Hour

S2 E3: The Truth

S2 E2: Roswell UFO Crash Site Part II: What is Roswell?

S2 E1: Roswell UFO Crash Site Part I: Where is Roswell?


S1 E15: UFO Crash Test at White Sands

Dr. Howard does an experiment at White Sands to try to understand what crashing a UFO feels like. Spoiler: it feels bad!

S1 E14: UFO Witness Surveys

Saucers, orbs, and double sunsets! This week Dr. Howard goes over some recent UFO witness questionnaires from a recent live Alien Hour event. Over a dozen UFO sightings that haven't been covered anywhere else!

S1 E13: UFO Witness Interview

At a recent live Alien Hour event I met an amazing individual who shared his amazing and very real lifelong UFO sightings with me, along with some ideas of cosmic consciousness he has developed because of these events.

S1 E12: Human Reptilian Utopia Part II: First Vision

My first vision of the human reptilian utopia!

S1 E11: Human Reptilian Utopia Part I

Welcome to the human reptilian utopia! In this video I want to challenge our ideas about the reptilians, the Draco, the shapeshifters, the lizard people -- that species of aliens that so many write off as being pure evil.

In this first episode I talk about some of the reasons why I think we should reconsider our views on the reptilians. From here I will continue to create and share my visions for the human reptilian utopia.

S1 E10: A Very Alien Hour Christmas

Happy Holidays everyone! Join Dr. Howard and his close friends Bigfoot and a Grey alien as they exchange gifts and give you the gift of interdimensional and intergalactic peace.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from all of us here at Alien Hour!

S1 E9: Ghost in the Machine with Z3R0 CH1LL

Something is loose on the net. Elite hacker, medieval scholar, and technopagan Z3R0 CH1LL reached out to me, Dr. Howard, with worrying news -- a ghost has been fragging data all across the world wide web, destroying whole Geocities and annihilating Tumblr. Z3R0 and Dr. Howard attempt the Romero Carmack Pentagram of Protection in order to summon the ghost...and stop it.

S1 E8: My Abduction

In this very personal episode of Alien Hour Dr. Howard shares and reenacts his first alien abduction experience. This is the true story that he unlocked during regression hypnotherapy after suspecting that he might be an alien abductee.

S1 E7: Saslingo

You're walking through the woods and you hear a strange sound -- could it be Bigfoot? In this episode of Alien Hour, Dr. Howard explains the different Bigfoot sounds, including the most controversial sound of all -- Bigfoot language.

S1 E6: Telepathic Communication with Cats

What do cats think about? Do you want to learn to communicate telepathically with your cat? Do you want to learn how to communicate telepathically with an alien? Learning to communicate with an animal is the best preparation for learning to communicate with an extraterrestrial being. In this episode of Alien Hour Dr. Howard talks about his career as a veterinarian, and how veterinary medicine uniquely prepared him for paranormal research. He then demonstrates telepathic communication with his cat, Tobor. If you're interested in cats, aliens, telepathy, or UFOs, this is the episode for you!

Additional music in this episode by Huy.

S1 E5: Byron T. Mills

The historic Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico, is haunted. The ghost of Byron T. Mills, former owner of the hotel, lives on in room 310 of the hotel. For this special Halloween episode of Alien Hour, Dr. Howard spends all night in haunted hotel room 310 attempting to make contact with the spirit of Byron T. Mills. We believe that Alien Hour has captured compelling evidence of a haunting and ghost activity on camera in this video.

This episode is also a follow up to our previous episode where we discussed ghost hunting equipment with Conor Peterson. If you haven't watched that video check it out for more theories on ghosts and the best ways to communicate with the dead.

S1 E4: Ghost Detector with Conor Peterson

What is a ghost? How could we detect the presence of a ghost?

Join Dr. Howard and special guest Conor Peterson as they discuss Conor's custom ghost hunting equipment, haunted buildings, the nature of ghosts in general, and how to communicate respectfully with spirits. Conor is an artist and electronics wizard who built his own piece ghost hunting equipment, Ghost Detector, to explore whether his studio building was haunted. He kindly invited Dr. Howard and the Alien Hour team to into his home for a demonstration of Ghost Detector and a discussion of ghost hunting equipment and what ghosts are.

S1 E3: Telepathic Communication with Extraterrestrials

Are you there aliens? It's me, Dr. Howard. In this episode Dr. Howard demonstrates some tips and tricks for how to telepathically communicate with extraterrestrials.

The Alien Hour crew also takes a trip to Giant Rock in California to test out some of Dr. Howard's telepathy methods.

S1 E2: Earth Not a Globe with Filip Kostic

For the second episode of Season 1 Dr. Howard interview artist Filip Kostic.

Filip has been boldly leaping out of planes to explore Flat Earth theory.

Dr. Howard and Filip debate Flat Earth vs. Ball Earth and come to a shocking conclusion! Watch to find out what they discover.

S1 E1: Tikaboo

For the season premiere of Alien Hour Dr. Howard ascends Tikaboo Peak to get a view inside Area 51.

What mysteries does he uncover within?

Watch to see Dr. Howard's high tech setup and the exclusive footage he captured inside the top secret base.

Alien Hour Season One Exclusive Preview

Get a sneak peek into some of my upcoming paranormal adventures in Season One of Alien Hour!