The Alien Hour Guide to The Greys


Big grey heads, big black eyes. This is the image that likely pops up in your mind when you see the word “alien.” It’s an image printed on millions of t-shirts, hats, album covers, and UFO flyers. It’s the emoji 👽 symbol 👽 for extraterrestrial (though depending on your OS they may have made the skin green). It’s almost as if this symbol is imprinted on our collective unconscious. It’s clear to me that this fascination with the Greys is not a coincidence. I believe that these are the alien beings that humanity has had the most contact with.

The abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in 1961 was one of the first alien abduction stories to gain international attention. Who were they abducted by? You guessed it, the Greys. Perhaps this was the first visitation by these aliens, but I believe that humanity has a long relationship with the Greys and that they have visited us countless times over the centuries. Since the Betty and Barney Hill abduction there have been millions of abductee accounts describing Greys.

When you see the image of a Grey you have a strong, primal reaction. You feel a response to their image deep down in your brain stem and in your gut. There’s just something about the serene stare of those large eyes that affects us deeply -- like a mirror reflecting our own cosmic history back at us.

These are aliens who have been with us for a very long time. There are many theories about what they want from us or why they visit us again and again. I believe that humanity is in a long term relationship with these beings that we don’t fully understand, but I do believe that it benefits both species. Hopefully someday we can reach a point of open dialogue with these cosmic friends.


More info coming soon!


More info coming soon!