The Mystery of the Missing Tapes and The Original Alien Hour

Alien Hour Season 0

From 2013 - 2015 five episodes of Alien Hour screened on the (now defunct) Albuquerque Public Access TV. Dr. Howard experienced missing time from 2015-2018. He believes he was abducted by either extraterrestrials or government forces. The original five episodes of Alien Hour were shot straight to VHS and the tapes were stored in a safe in Dr. Howard’s home office. Because of budget constraints the five episodes were shot on only three tapes, labeled A, B, and C.

When Dr. Howard returned from wherever he was for those three years he found the safe locked and undisturbed, but the tapes had mysteriously vanished, almost as if they were teleported through the steel walls. All that remains of those episodes and the information contained within are a few screengrabs Dr. Howard made with his computer. Is the disappearance of the tapes related to the missing time Dr. Howard experienced? Is this all part of an intricate conspiracy to keep Dr. Howard from sharing information about the paranormal?

If anyone has any information about the lost tapes PLEASE contact us ASAP!