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The Similarity Between Veterinary Medicine and Paranormal Research: Or The Veterinarian and the Contactee

Before I was a paranormal researcher I was a veterinarian. I believe that this was the perfect training for becoming a paranormal researcher and that veterinarians are uniquely equipped for extraterrestrial contact. Trying to communicate with an extraterrestrial being is a lot like trying to figure out what’s wrong with a cat. The differences between you and the cat transcend culture and language -- you can’t just ask it what’s wrong. But you have to figure out what’s wrong with the cat through a combination of close examination, intuition, tools, and observation of the cat’s reactions. Inside or outside of the clinic it is often possible to know exactly what an animal is thinking, even if it’s an animal you just met. Communicating with a being from another world is a lot like this.

Just as you can judge an animal’s personality, cats can recognize “cat people” instantly and will also instinctively shy away from people who do not like animals. Dogs share this ability, but I’m going to speak specifically about “cat people” for reasons I will mention later. In my experience ETs will immediately recognize people who are “ET people” much like cats will instantly recognize “cat people.” If you are reading this and wondering whether or not you may be an ET person, then I have good news for you! If you one day find yourself pawing through an issue of Cat Fancy magazine while waiting for a doctor’s appointment then you are likely a “cat person.” If you find yourself reading this deep into an article on a paranormal website you are likely an “ET person”. We are drawn to the things that we enjoy. Even if you are here as a skeptic or just for a laugh I bet that part of you wants to believe. I’ve known many people who did not think they needed a pet until suddenly just the right cat or dog appeared in their life and changed their minds. In the same way a being from another world can suddenly appear in your life if the time is right. They know when you’re ready, even if you don’t know.

In my experience there is also a big overlap in the venn diagram of people between cat people and ET people. At this point I don’t have any hard data to back that feeling up, but it’s a subject worth investigating in the future.

If you want to invite extraterrestrials into your life, I recommend that you spend time with an animal. The experience of familiarizing yourself with the emotions and communication methods of a non-human being is one of the best ways to prepare yourself for extraterrestrial contact. Try to show them kindness and read their thoughts and emotions; see both the human and the nonhuman elements within them. Who knows, maybe our feline friends really are from outer space!

~Dr. Howard